For nearly a century, Sorensen’s Resort has graced the eastern edge of stunning Hope Valley, just south of Lake Tahoe, California. Sorensen’s offers a peaceful world of nature and comfortable mountain living with a selection of cozy cottages and log cabins in the heart of the Sierra range. Popular with families and honeymooners alike, most of the 36 cabins have wood burning stoves or gas fireplaces for added ambience. A meandering pathway leads to each thoughtfully situated cabin within a pine and aspen forest ringed by prehistoric volcanic cliffs lying easy on the land Sorensen’s Country Café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily… a delicious selection of California-cuisine with a well-balanced, lovely selection of fine wines.

Creating a new hiking trail on Sorensen’s property and offering lodging guests complimentary snowshoes in the winter encourage guests to get out and enjoy this spectacular landscape any time of the year. The spirit of Sorensen’s lies in the early history of the westward movement.

These seekers of gold and a new life knew that these lands were a place of solace and rejuvenation. Guests today find a familiar ring… the quintessential mountain experience little changed from the early years of Sorensen’s Resort. (530)694-2203

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