lake-tahoe-yoga-classesLake Tahoe Yoga is Tahoe’s premier Yoga Studio. With a strong community of locals and visitors, it has blossomed from an idea to an influential business on Tahoe’s South Shore. All you need to do is enter the studio lobby or call Jenay, Lake Tahoe Yoga’s owner, to feel like you are already part of the community. Her passion for the practice and love of Lake Tahoe will have you wishing you could join in every class. If you are looking to attend a regularly scheduled class or book your group or business for a private session, you will not be disappointed. All of the staff are registered yoga teachers trained in both the physical and philosophical aspects of the practice. They are also “real people” who enjoy the outdoors and are excited to teach you how to practice yoga everywhere. The practitioners at Lake Tahoe Yoga will never hesitate to tell you how much they enjoy the practice. Whether in the studio, on-location or outdoors, their reviews speak for themselves:

“[I] had a yoga experience that I will never forget, and I’ve been back every single time I come to South Lake Tahoe. Absolutely magnificent owner, who is truly devoted to guiding any and every person who wants to find their center. Also, paddle board yoga is a blast too! Don’t be shy of getting wet!” -Andrew H.

“I was in Lake Tahoe for a week, being a yoga teacher myself I made sure I found a studio close by. There were enough classes throughout the day I was able to make it to a class almost every day. I love the studios space and you can really feel the close community that goes to this studio. When I left not only did my body feel amazing but my heart, soul, and mind were at ease and open. When I visit again I will be going back to this studio.” -Julie C.

From the indoors to the beach, to the water or your lawn, Lake Tahoe Yoga invites you to choose when, where and how to practice. Put a unique twist on your bachelorette party, get your family moving during a reunion, help your employees learn to breathe and relax or get your friends together for some partner yoga fun. You may book the studio or request an on-location practice that fits into your schedule. From beginners to experienced practitioners, they invite you to join them and “Practice Yoga Everywhere.”

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